The End of an Era

Last week marked the end of an era at Top Draw…our beloved(?) computer logo was taken down from the front of our office building. This icon (in every sense of the word…) was a spin-off from Ken’s very first logo that he designed when he founded Top Draw in 1993.

The retirement of this sign makes room for a refresh of our corporate brand, which also happens to coincide with an exciting announcement that we will make in the coming weeks.

Computer Logo…RIP… :)


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  • The computer that was on our building looks a lot like the one in my basement from 1998. Maybe the next one will have a flat screen monitor :)

  • Anonymous

    That logo is so outdated!! We should have the same monitor with a finger instead of a pencil!

    Touch > Stylus!

    Just saying

    • What happens when the mind-machine interface gets popular?

  • Sarah

    Exciting times!

  • Reminds me of my old 8088! Monochrome!

  • Neon sign, here we come!

  • How did I not get an invite to watch this in person? I shed a small tear and then did a dance of joy for you! YAY for the 2000’s. hah! :D